Dr. Frederick Kalz Bursary – History

In 1991, Dr. Zoltan Fekete donated to establish the Dr. Frederick Kalz Fund to help dermatology residents further their expertise through bursaries for study at outside centres. This knowledge could then benefit the whole community.

Founding CDF contributor, Dr. R. Roy Forsey recalled:

Dr. Frederick Kalz came to Montreal from Prague in 1939. He was a well-trained dermatologist with numerous publications in his literature. He was appointed to the Royal Victoria Hospital and McGill University. He was interested in research and tried to instill this interest in the students and residents. In 1963, he left the Royal Victoria and took over the dermatology service at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Within a short period, he established the Children’s as a mecca for pediatric dermatology.

Dr. Zoltan Fekete was a resident at the Royal Victoria and later practised for many years in Oshawa, Ont. He was greatly influenced by Dr. Kalz, and while he was not a researcher he never forgot Fred Kalz and in 1991 made a generous gift to the Canadian Dermatology Foundation to establish the fund to grant bursaries and fellowships for dermatologists to further their expertise.