Bequests and Endowments

We all make plans for our estate, to ensure that those we love are taken care of after we are gone. I think many of us also think about our potential to make an impact, even after we are gone. If you are passionate about dermatology research, and advancing the skin health of Canadian patients for generations to come, you might consider leaving a gift to CDF in your Will.

Please contact Erin Spink, Executive Director at 647-367-0079 x1 or‚Äč to learn more.

Memorial bequests and endowments

Edwin Allan Brown

Dr. Zoltan Fekete

Dr. Frederick Kalz

Dr. Colin Ramsay

Winifride M.P. Raye

Dr. George S. Williamson

In Memorium

The CDF honours contributors and supporters who have passed away.

Dr. Ronald Bremner
Dr. F. William Danby
Dr. W. Alan Dodd
Dr. Roy Forsey
Dr. Donald Groot
Mr. Robert Lavoie
Dr. Stuart Maddin
Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter
Dr. D. Geoffrey Shulman

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