Meet Our Individual Donors

Contributing to the CDF is a powerful expression of altruism. Supporting the foundation fuels important research initiatives, which helps the specialty grow and, in turn, strengthens Canadian dermatology and its future.

We proudly thank all generous CDF donors.

(listed below are donors who have contributed between May 2019 and September 2020)


Ambassador Life:
donor who has contributed
$20,000 or more cumulatively

Benefactor Life:
donor who has contributed
between $10,000 and $19,999

a donation made for the
ongoing support of the CDF

Planned Gift:
a planned future donation,
typically designated through
a Will

donor who has given $5,000 or
more in 2019/2020

donor who has given between
$2,000 and $4,999 in 2019/2020

donor who has given between
$1,000 and $1,999 in 2019/2020

donor who has given between
$500 and $999 in 2019/2020

donor who has given between
$499 or less in 2019/2020



Dr. Gordon Searles
Dr. Harvey Lui
Dr. John Elliott
Mr. Richard J. MacKay


Dr. Alain Dansereau
Dr. Alfred Balbul
Dr. Canagasundrum Anandakrishnan
Dr. Charlene Linzon
Dr. Charles Lynde
Dr. David McLean
Dr. David Zloty
Dr. Denis Sasseville
Dr. Derek Woolner
Dr. Evert Tuyp
Dr. Gilles Lauzon
Dr. H John Albers
Dr. Hem Jain
Dr. Ingrid Jarvis
Dr. Irina Turchin
Dr. J Alastair Carruthers
Dr. Jason Rivers
Dr. Jerry Tan
Dr. John Toole
Dr. Ken Alanen
Dr. Kenneth Kobayashi
Dr. Laura Finlayson
Dr. Laurence Warshawski
Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko
Dr. Michael Martindale
Dr. Neil Shear
Dr. Peter Hull
Dr. Ralph Wilkinson
Dr. Régine Mydlarski
Dr. Richard Cloutier
Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter
Dr. Robert Bissonnette
Dr. Robert Jackson
Dr. Roy Forsey
Dr. Se Mang Wong
Dr. Shannon Humphrey
Dr. Sheetal Sapra
Dr. Sophie Hofstader
Dr. Stuart Maddin
Dr. Vince Bertucci
Dr. Walter Unger
Dr. Youwen Zhou
Dr. Yves Poulin
Dr. Zohair Tomi
Mr. Casey James Lawton
Mr. Louis Vogel
Mr. Marc Simard
Mr. Robert Lavoie
Ms. Wendy Adams
Atlantic Provinces Dermatology Association
Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal


Dr. Colin Ramsay
Dr. G. S. Williamson
Dr. Z. Fekete
Mr. E. A. Brown
Mr. Richard J. MacKay
Ms. W. M. P. Raye



Dr. Derek Woolner
Dr. Harvey Lui
Dr. Jan Dutz
Dr. Régine Mydlarski
Dr. Youwen Zhou


Atlantic Provinces Dermatology Association
Dr. John Elliott
Mr. Michel Lavoie, Dermtek


Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien
Dr. Gordon Searles
Dr. Kevin Pehr
Dr. Kevin Sloan
Dr. Linn Holness
Dr. Scott Walsh
Dr. Tadeusz Pierscianowski
Dr. Victoria Taraska
Saskatoon Community Foundation


Dr. Aaron Drucker
Dr. Frank Rosenberg
Dr. James Dantow
Dr. Kenneth Kobayashi
Dr. Mary McKenzie
Dr. Mercy Alexis
Dr. Patrick McELgunn
Dr. Todd Remington
Dr. William MacEachern
Dr. Yuka Asai


Alireza Cabajsky
Anna Williams
Audrey Dupéré
Audrey Lovett
Barbara Birkett
Benjamin Barankin
Caroline Horgan-Bell
Catherine Zip
Cheryl Rosen
Danielle Marcoux
David Adam
Denis Sasseville
Denise Wexler
Douglas Keeling
Elena Netchiporouk
Frank and Lillian Durco
Imrich Cabajsky
James Miller Hay
Jan Saksun
Janet Allen
Janice and Anna Kyksa
Jean-Pierre DesGroseilliers
Jerome Coulombe
Jerome Kopstein
Joan Crossen
John Goodall
Jori Hardin
Julie Powell
Kerri Purdy
Lorne Albrecht
Lyne Giroux
Maksym Breslavets
Marc Bourcier
Marie-Christine Roy
Martine Longpré
Maxwell Sauder
Melanie Pratt
Michael Davis
Michael Robern
Mohamad Joundi
Nhiem Nguyen
Nordau Kanigsberg
Patrick Fleming
Peter and Vlasta Havelka
Peter Hull
Richard Tashjian
Robin Billick
Rochelle Van De Velde
Rowan Fish
Stacey Northgrave
Todd Wagner
United Way of Greater Toronto
Vojtech Dusek
Wolf-Dieter Weidenmann