Meet Our Individual Donors

In Memorium

The CDF honours contributors and supporters who have passed away.

Dr. Ronald Bremner
Dr. F. William Danby
Dr. W. Alan Dodd
Dr. Roy Forsey
Dr. Donald Groot
Mr. Robert Lavoie
Dr. Stuart Maddin
Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter
Dr. D. Geoffrey Shulman

Contributing to the CDF is a powerful expression of altruism. Supporting the foundation fuels important research initiatives, which helps the specialty grow and, in turn, strengthens Canadian dermatology and its future.

We proudly thank all generous CDF donors. We will begin listing their names in 2018 as our way of acknowledging their support.


Dr. Yves Poulin explains his support this way:

Dr. Yves Poulin, CDF Benefactor Life

For many research projects, finding funds is extremely difficult. The CDF is a fantastic opportunity for our specialty: our contribution goes to projects of high interest. These projects are selected by our peers (who) are all volunteering. We are certain that the money goes to the right place.








Dr. Gilles Lauzon, CDF Benefactor Life

I donate to the CDF because of the importance of being a contributor to – and an engaged witness of – progress in skin science, with attendant benefits for the patients we serve and for our specialty.

Contributing to the CDF has enriched to a tangible, deeply personal and rewarding level my involvement with colleagues and our specialty.