Practitioner of the Year — Past Recipients

This annual award salutes a Canadian dermatologist whose major focus is clinical practice, and who has made a significant contribution to dermatology and the community at large.

Nominations are made by the candidate’s peers; the recipient is honoured by a donation made in his or her name.

Beginning in 2017, the Canadian Dermatology Association will present this award at its annual conference as part of its award program.


Dr. Robert Jackson, 2012 recipient

2015    Dr. Denis Sasseville

2014    Dr. Michael Martindale

2013    Dr. Eric Schloss

2012    Dr. Robert Jackson

2011    Dr. Canagasundram Anandakrishnan

2010    Dr. Sophie Hofstader

2009    Dr. Richard Cloutier

2008    Dr. Ralph Wilkinson

2007    Dr. Peter Hull

2006    Dr. Jack Toole

2005    Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter

2003    Dr. W. Stuart Maddin

2001    Dr. Pierre Ricard

2000    Dr. Tom Enta

1999    Dr. William E. Pace

1997-98  Dr. Don Rosenthal

1996    Dr. Robert Lester

1995    Dr. J. Barrie Ross

1994    Dr. William N. MacEachern

1993    Dr. W. Alastair McLeod

1992    Dr. Donald C. Montgomery