CDF Team Grants

In August 2019, the CDF was pleased to announce the CDF Team Grants Competition for Th2 Inflammatory Skin Diseases, Supported by: Sanofi Genzyme

The competition is dedicated to research projects with a primary focus on Th2 inflammatory skin diseases affecting Canadians and offers $200,000.00 per year for three years, with potential to extend funding for a total of five years.

The objectives of the grant were:

  • To foster the formation of synergistic teams with expertise in basic and translational research related to inflammatory skin diseases.
  • To establish a Canadian research presence in this area of investigation.
  • To build the careers of new dermatologist clinician-scientists.
  • To improve the health of Canadians suffering from Th2 inflammatory skin diseases.

The CDF congratulates the team of Dr. Aaron Drucker, Dr. Carolyn Jack, Dr. Vincent Piguet, and Dr. Sunil Kalia along with collaborators: Dr. Jan Dutz, Dr. Harvey Lui, Dr. Haishan Zeng, Dr. Tim Lee, and Dr. George Tomlinson on the success of their application “Canadian Atopic Dermatitis Cohort for Translational Immunology and Imaging (CACTI).”