The Benefactor Life category recognizes donors who have made gifts over time totaling $10,000-$19,999. The CDF is tremendously grateful for the generosity of our benefactors. They are listed here:

Alain Dansereau
Alfred Balbul
Atlantic Provinces Dermatology Association
Canagasundrum Anandakrishnan
Charlene Linzon
Charles Lynde
David McLean
David Zloty
Denis Sasseville
Evert Tuyp
Gilles Lauzon
H. John Albers
Harvey Lui
Hem Jain
Ingrid Jarvis
Irina Turchin
J. Alastair Carruthers
Jerry Tan
Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal
John Elliott
John Toole
Ken Alanen
Kenneth Kobayashi

Laura Finlayson
Louis Vogel
Laurence Warshawski
Marc Simard
Mariusz Sapijaszko
Michael Martindale
Neil Shear
Peter Hull
Ralph Wilkinson
Richard Cloutier
Richard J. MacKay
Robert Bissonnette
Robert Jackson
Robert Lavoie
Se Mang Wong
Sheetal Sapra
Sophie Hofstader
Vince Bertucci
Walter Unger
Wendy Adams
Yves Poulin
Zohair Tomi

New for 2018, the Ambassador Life category will recognize donors who have given $20,000 or more over time.