Anyone can have a part in finding answers in the quest to treat mysterious skin disease.

Maybe you’ve been successfully treated for a dermatological condition, or have known someone who has benefited from advances in diagnostic technology or new ways of treating chronic skin problems.

If you share our vision for developing cutting-edge therapies, you can support dermatological research by becoming a Life patron or Benefactor life patron.

Our patron category originated with industry partners who wanted to support the CDF’s vision and work. For Marc Simard, who owned a broadcasting company in Rivière-du-Loup, Que., donating $10,000 was his way of acknowledging CDF member Dr. Christian Allen Drouin, whose community involvement inspired him.

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Patron levels

$ 2,000 — Life patron

$ 10,000 — Benefactor life patron (initial payment of $2,000; payments can be made over five years)


Benefactor life patrons

Atlantic Provinces Dermatology Association

Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal

Mr. Robert Lavoie

Mr. Richard J. MacKay

Mr. Marc Simard

Mr. Louis Vogel

Ms. Wendy Adams

Life patrons

Canadian Skin Patient Alliance

Mr. Pierre Boucher

Mr. Michel Lavoie