The reasons people contribute to the CDF can be as unique as the individuals themselves. Some are motivated by their personal experiences as patients or relatives of patients; others consider it a way to give back to the profession.

The CDF is a registered charity dedicated to excellence in dermatologic research and medicine. Your contributions help advance the study and knowledge of skin disease and generate improved methods of diagnosis and treatment for Canadian dermatologists and their patients.

All contributions are tax deductible.


Contributorship levels

$ 250 — Silver patron

$ 500 — Gold patron

$ 2,000 — Life contributor

$ 10,000— Benefactor life contributor (initial payment of $2,000, with $2,000 installments pledged over five years)



$ 2,000 — Life patron

$ 10,000 — Benefactor life patron (initial payment of $2,000; payments can be made over five years)




Dr. Gilles Lauzon, CDF Benefactor life contributor

I donate to the CDF because of the importance of being a contributor to – and an engaged witness of – progress in skin science, with attendant benefits for the patients we serve and for our specialty.

Contributing to the CDF has enriched to a tangible, deeply personal and rewarding level my involvement with colleagues and our specialty.