Contributorship Levels

Contributing to the CDF is a powerful expression of altruism. Supporting the foundation fuels important research initiatives, which helps the specialty grow and, in turn, strengthens Canadian dermatology and its future.


Dr. Yves Poulin explains his support this way:

Dr. Yves Poulin, CDF Benefactor life contributor

For many research projects, finding funds is extremely difficult. The CDF is a fantastic opportunity for our specialty: our contribution goes to projects of high interest. These projects are selected by our peers (who) are all volunteering. We are certain that the money goes to the right place.








$ 250 — Silver patron

$ 500 — Gold patron

$ 2,000 — Life contributor

$ 10,000 — Benefactor life contributor (initial payment of $2,000, with $2,000 instalments made over five years)


An ongoing commitment

Many donors who initially contribute $2,000 (Life contributor level) later adopt the ‘stepping-stone approach’ to become a Benefactor life contributor — five times the satisfaction!


That initial $2,000 is designated the first of five annual instalments, resulting in a grand total of $10,000. In recognition of this generous support and commitment, a research grant was established in 2008.


Learn more about the research carried out by recipients of the CDF Benefactor life contributors research grants.