Bequests and Endowments

The funds generated by bequests and endowments increase the annual financial value available to award to Canadian researchers furthering the study of dermatology.


When estate planning, consider making a bequest or endowment to the CDF. Support the future of dermatology, and leave a lasting legacy.


Have you already earmarked a gift to the Canadian Dermatology Foundation in your will?

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Recognized in past memorial bequests, endowments

Edwin Allan Brown

Dr. Zoltan Fekete

Dr. Frederick Kalz

Richard J. MacKay

Dr. Colin Ramsay

Winifride M.P. Raye

Dr. George S. Williamson

The CDF is honoured to receive memorial bequests and endowments. For example, the Colin Ramsay Endowment Fund was established through endowments from Astellas Pharma Canada and Biogen Idec Canada.

Dr. Colin Ramsay (1936-2003) was a former CDF president and director of the medical advisory committee.

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